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A social media agency that will uplift your entire online visibility.

If you are not sure about using Social Media for your business, think about this – how many potential customers actively use Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram each month?

Social Media allows you to interact with users. It gives them the chance to have their say about your brand (positive and negative), while giving you the chance to respond to their questions and comments in a positive way.

This makes Social Media an exceptionally valuable vehicle for your company. When correctly executed, Social Media can enhance your brand and promote customer loyalty.



We are a website design company with a clear focus; to help businesses

If you are looking for a team of reliable, capable and inspired website designers, DC Social Marketing would be a great fit. We provide search engine optimised websites that look great on all devices, from large screen through to smartphone.

We pride ourselves on delivering fantastic looking, effective websites within a short time scale. There is no scrimp on quality, we always produce websites that the client is happy with – and if not, we tweak until we get it just perfect.

If you are looking for a fresh new outlook on website design, featuring responsive designs and added SEO – all wrapped up in a great price – You need to talk to us.


eCommerce Website

An eCommerce website needs much more functionality than a brochure site.

An eCommerce website is a vital part of any retailers’ channel mix – in fact for some, it may be your only sales channel! That means you need a site that’s easy to use, processes payments securely and which showcases your products in the best way possible.

Our eCommerce website development team are experienced with a range of eCommerce platforms. If you’re not sure which eCommerce solution is right for your online store, it’s no problem. After a short discussion about your business, products, audience and budget, our advisers are able to recommend the platform that’s the best for you.

As a full service agency, we can also offer ongoing support with digital marketing, driving traffic to your new site through tactics such as PPC, SEO, social media and email marketing.



It is essential that your company is found first in the search results to compete with big brands.

Over the years, organic search has evolved from securing as many backlinks as possible to providing relevance, user intent and quality content to users.

Contrary to popular belief, SEO is not dead. It’s just become more difficult to rank in the search engines. With Google forever making changes to its algorithm, it’s become important to have an advanced SEO strategy.



Design is at the heart of everything we do, from brochures, banners & much more.

Every graphic design project is expertly crafted using the latest technologies and tailored to suit your business needs.

We don’t settle for “it’ll do.” Everything we design is planned to perfection. There’s an element of quality control, too. You will be sent updates of our progress so you can be certain it lives up to customer expectations and does your brand justice.


Video production

Video is an incredibly powerful promotional tool, but only when executed correctly.

No matter what type of video you wish to create, be it a social media campaign or TV advert, we can help bring your vision to life.

We film professional videos and edit the footage to attract macimun engagement from your audience. We film corporate videos that position your business as an industry leader.

We capture footage for promotion on social media that prompts an instant response.

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